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Preparing yourself for divorce is stressful especially if children are involved. Take this 5-step approach to make it easier and ensure the process is more affordable.






All too often do we see families attempt a divorce by themselves and in turn, causing more harm than good. was created by Texas lawyers to get you the information needed to understand the divorce process. Sponsored by The Wright Firm Family Law, this is intended to provide answers to your family legal struggles and guide you to the right avenue to handle your case.

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Hiring an attorney can be difficult decision, so let us help. We’ve answered your most common questions about divorce and the different components of the process.


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Estimate the child support you may owe using our child support calculator.

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With upfront pricing, you will know the costs of a divorce from the beginning.

We offer a variety of different divorce packages beginning with our No-frill Texas Divorce up to our Expert Divorce Specialist package.


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Use our spousal maintenance calculator to estimate approximately how much a court may order for you to pay in spousal maintenance.